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Meet Our Colleagues

June 27, 2017

Vikram, Director, Strategic Market Development, Livestock in Japan, doesn't shy away from change - or a challenge.

Tags: Careers, Core Beliefs, People, Zoetis
May 24, 2017

Mike, Senior Director, Global Commercial Development & Lifecycle Innovation, is committed to animal health, so much so that he uses an animal metaphor to describe his job of planning the future of Zoetis products.

Tags: Careers, Core Beliefs, People, Zoetis
April 27, 2017

As Director, Animal Research Support, Rose says a key part of her job is to solve problems, clear obstacles, and make it easy for her team to get work done.

Tags: Careers, Core Beliefs, People, Zoetis
March 29, 2017

Angelo has overseen 14 consecutive quarters of growth for his business in the midst of an extremely challenging economy in Brazil.

Tags: Careers, Core Beliefs, People, Zoetis
February 17, 2017

Jon is a builder at heart. He grew up loving Lego® (and admits he still does) and studied engineering at Cambridge. Today, Jon wants to build a better commercial business at Zoetis. His job is Director of Business Operations for the Northern Europe Cluster of International Commercial Operations. And he recently took on an expanded role: helping to lead the transformation of Zoetis’ international business through the Global Commerce Project.

Tags: Careers, People, Zoetis, Core Beliefs
February 10, 2017

Shelly, Director, Global Diagnostics Operations and Strategy has worked for Zoetis at the same location for 23 years, but she says she's had at least three distinct careers within the company and its legacy businesses.

Tags: Careers, People, Zoetis, Core Beliefs
January 9, 2017

Since Hoang began his role as general manager of Vietnam for Zoetis in January 2015, the country has managed to exceed all expectations— not only in sales, but also in colleague engagement and performance. His positive track record is rooted in living the Zoetis Core Beliefs as a leader, and his team is more engaged than ever to succeed.

Tags: Careers, People, Zoetis, Core Beliefs
November 22, 2016

No work day is like another for Carl-Johan, Vice President and Chief Counsel for Zoetis' International Operations. His job, together with his team, is to give legal support to Zoetis markets outside of the U.S. On any given day, he could be working with up to 20 different countries, which is why every day is different.

Tags: Careers, People, Zoetis, Core Beliefs
October 3, 2016

Ana, Director of Human Resources in Brazil, joined Zoetis in 2013 when the company was separating from Pfizer. A defining moment in her career, Ana and her team built, in a short amount of time, an independent human resources function for Zoetis in Brazil. Since then, she has helped drive other big projects including hiring and onboarding efforts and a new talent program in Brazil.

Tags: Careers, People, Zoetis, Core Beliefs

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