Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships in veterinary science

Zoetis strives to extend its vision beyond products to provide integrated solutions to our customers. We believe that a passion for solving practical problems and the ability to listen to customers are essential to keep making progress. A key way to enhance our understanding of animal health challenges and stay at the forefront of innovation is through our strategic partnerships.

Our team is comprised of animal health, scientific and business experts who collaborate with external R&D partners and work directly with partners across a vast array of institutions. Together, we explore new market opportunities, technology and product acquisitions.

We have established numerous partnerships with universities, companies, research institutes and veterinary hospitals around the world. Through our participation in these alliances, we focus on three key areas:

  • Developing research collaborations and networks in all major world regions
  • New research models through participation in consortia with top global experts
  • Identification and rapid response to emerging infectious diseases and collaborative food safety initiatives

In collaboration with our partners, we also strive to support and advance the veterinary profession by harmonizing standards of veterinary practice and livestock production.

Open Innovation Model

We understand that partnerships are essential to driving growth and delivering greater added value for our customers. No company, large or small, can succeed alone in the world of breakthrough medicines and vaccines. We believe that through the combination of our own expertise and the complementary talents and capabilities of our partners, we can advance science and, together, be leaders in creating a healthier world.

To foster creativity, share risk and harness innovative science, we join forces with partners who complement our own skills and technologies. This allows us to work across functions, organizations and countries to address unmet animal health needs through collaborative research and development, product licensing, supply and distribution in markets across the world.

Partnerships benefit our own innovation efforts by making it possible for us to access the best technologies and the leading experts around the world so that we can better understand the most important issues facing the animal health industry and, together, bring new animal health solutions to the market. Alongside partners who share our values and offer innovative business models, we work to identify and develop new technologies, research models, therapeutics and vaccines to address existing and emerging diseases and conditions.