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Solving Health Challenges

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A monthly chewable treatment to help protect dogs from fleas and ticks...a novel, targeted therapy that transforms the way veterinarians control complex skin allergies in dogs...or vaccines that help control emerging infectious diseases that could threaten the lives of animals. These solutions all share a common thread. They represent the work of around 1,000 Research and Development scientists worldwide at Zoetis, who strive every day to discover and develop the solutions that address the most pressing animal health issues facing veterinarians and livestock producers. Our comprehensive R&D efforts, comprised of more than 300 programs and projects, reflect our commitment to advancing animal health with ever-improving solutions.

We create new scientific insights to better predict, prevent and treat disease and, in livestock animals, to maximize healthy performance and production. This paves the path to develop new and novel products that leverage relevant discoveries from the agribusiness, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

We also broaden the reach of our existing products and enhance the value they bring to customers by developing more convenient formulations and combinations; obtaining new claims that expand product benefits; adapting for use in additional species; and by expanding approvals into more countries.

Our research is fueled by both innovation within Zoetis and collaboration with more than 100 external alliances. We apply our research to the needs of our eight core species and the highly variable animal health needs of geographic regions.

Zoetis therapeutic areas of interest

Innovation Firsts

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Transforming Treatment of Canine Itch

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