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Digital Innovation

Veterinarian pet owner dog

From disease prevention to the management of health and well-being of companion and livestock animals, digital innovation is opening a new era in animal health, helping veterinarians and farmers to make more data-driven decisions for the animals in their care. It is hastening the use of personalized medicine for companion animals and precision or “smart” farming in animal agriculture.

Zoetis Centre for Digital Innovation

Zoetis opened its Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI) in London’s Tech City in March 2015. The Centre serves as the hub for Zoetis research and development to create sophisticated digital products that enable veterinarians to make data-driven decisions. The digital solutions developed there promise to improve animal health and well-being for livestock and pets.

Among the first innovations to emerge from the CDI is PetDialog™, a digital app that measures and monitors the quality of life of dogs and cats so that the owner and veterinarian can gain a deeper insight into the animal’s health and well-being. This includes the early detection of health issues, managing disease and measuring the impact of treatment. Just as is the case in human medicine, the device will facilitate the remote monitoring of conditions such as blood glucose monitoring for diabetic cats and dogs.

vHIVE Collaboration with University of Surrey

In April 2016, Zoetis and the University of Surrey opened the Veterinary Health Innovation Engine (vHive), a novel multi-disciplinary centre designed to promote the development and adoption of digital innovation in animal health. Digital technologies including wearables, apps, sensors, video, and bioinformatics are rapidly enabling real time data health collection and making early identification of the risk of illness possible.