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Paige Lucas  

VMRD Global Regulatory Affairs Intern 

What was your favorite part of your internship?

My internship was full of surprises every day and it is hard to single out only one favorite thing. Being able to work with colleagues that are leading professionals in my field was such an enriching experience. I had the opportunity to work alongside them which allowed me to have a lot of hands-on experience. I liked that I was able to work independently and kickstart my own projects and if I ever had questions or needed any help I was heavily supported by my team.

How did this internship enable your personal and professional growth?

I was able to learn firsthand what pharmacovigilance is and connect it to my education and career aspirations. Through this learning experience, I was able to take my veterinary technician background and my epidemiology background and make a real-life connection to what I want to achieve in the future. I was a remote intern, but it was easy making connections virtually. I was able to network and collaborate with dozens of colleagues from all around the business and build strong relationships with my team.

What was it like working with Zoetis' Regulatory Affairs Team?

My team was so supportive and helped me feel confident in this role; it almost feels like a small family because of how open and willing to help everyone was. I worked cross-functionally with over 6 different teams globally to complete my projects and it was such a well-integrated group of colleagues. Everyone worked hand-in-hand and were very purpose-driven with the same motivation and passion for animal health. Even though some of us were from different business functions, we all had the same goal in mind and worked towards it every day.

What was your biggest takeaway from this internship?

My biggest takeaway was figuring out what I want to do in my career. Through this internship I found that there is a niche area for me with my educational background in this industry. I learned that animal health is a lot more than veterinary studies. There are so many other parts of the industry that need to be served to create a better world and I am exploring the opportunity to come back to Zoetis next summer to continue my development.