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Kate Pavlak 

Human Resources Intern 

How would you describe the culture at Zoetis?

At Zoetis, I was met with a welcoming and inclusive culture that instantly made me feel like an integral member of the team. The openness and supportiveness of everyone ensured that I was never afraid or hesitant to ask a question. My team felt like a family, and it was very apparent that everyone was there to help guide me on the journey to success.

What advice would you give to future Zoetis interns?

I would advise to always be genuine and embrace your unique self and curiosity. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or even request to be a part of meetings; every experience is a chance to learn. Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes – they’re all a part of the learning process. Seize every opportunity given to you. Zoetis is a nurturing environment where guidance and development is offered to you and taking advantage of it will help you blossom in your role.

What was your biggest takeaway from your internship?

I learned so many new skills that I will continue to utilize as I grow. To name a few, I’ve come to realize the extreme value of asking questions and how it has developed my understanding of how specifics happen in my role. Finding new and efficient ways to stay organized have been incredibly useful as well, which allow me to stay on track and maximize my productivity during my projects. Overall, I'd say the most important lesson I learned is to never sell yourself short. Recognize the value you bring, the unique contributions you make to your team, and the potential you have to make an impact at such an amazing company like Zoetis.

What was it like being onsite at Zoetis' global headquarters?

Being at the global headquarters was an incredible experience because I had the chance to meet and connect with diverse individuals from various facets of the company. It also allowed me to delve into different aspects of the organization that resulted in a truly enriching experience working in a corporate environment. Being in person with my team also served this sense of support from my colleagues and my manager because I knew if I needed anything, their doors were always open.

How do you think this internship has prepared you for your future? 

My internship was a foundational experience, and it has helped to equip me with the skills to problem-solve effectively, innovate new strategies, and enhance the experience of others around me. The hands-on experience did not only hone in on my abilities but also helped direct me to find my true passion and applicability in Human Resources.