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Azizeh Egerer 

Global Diagnostics Medical Affairs Veterinary Intern

What did you love most about your role?

I loved being able to work on projects from scratch and create something completely new that would be utilized by Zoetis and my team even after my internship. My team gave me such a comforting environment by giving me the confidence to work independently and guiding the development of my projects if I needed assistance. I loved that I was able to sit in on important meetings and even be included in the decision-making process which was a great motivator for me.

What is your dream career?

I am driven to make a difference in the field of medicine, and I really enjoy clinical practice and helping animals head on. I am also motivated to contribute to animal research as it has such a vast impact on the world. I hope to develop a career where I can incorporate both those aspects into the work that I do and become a mentor one day to teach and inspire others with that shared passion.

How did Zoetis' purpose serve your purpose throughout your internship?

My purpose is to care for my clients and patients and make a difference in my career. Zoetis has a strong mission and makes an impact on the lives of animals and the humans who are caring for them. Interning at a company whose mission aligns with mine showed me infinite ways I can embody that purpose, like clinical practice, diagnostics, or research opportunities. Zoetis aims to advance care for animals across the globe which improves the lives of the people who care for them and that is a purpose I strive to contribute towards every day.

How did this internship make an impact on your future career aspirations?

This internship gave me perspective of different sides of this industry. In school I was exposed to the academic side and doing in person clinical practice. Interning at Zoetis gave me exposure to different career possibilities within the field. It made me more motivated to consider a career in research because I would be able to make an impact on a larger scale.