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Policy on Political Contributions

Zoetis is committed to participating constructively and transparently in the political process; such participation is essential to the company and industry’s long-term success. Our approach on political contributions is driven by the significant impact that public policy decisions can have on our business and on the interests of our stakeholders. As a company committed to animal health, we strive to bring new and valuable products to our customers and educate government decision-makers so that they can better understand issues affecting animal health and welfare.

Zoetis is committed to a transparent process to maintain compliance with company policies and reporting requirements.

Zoetis Good Government Fund

Zoetis makes federal political contributions in the United States through its Political Action Committee: the Zoetis Good Government Fund.

Zoetis’ participation in the U.S. political process includes contributions to political candidates in a manner that is compliant with all applicable federal and state laws and reporting requirements. Zoetis files all information as required by federal and state campaign finance and disclosure laws. The Zoetis Good Government Fund reports its contributions to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the details of which are publicly available on the FEC website here.

Zoetis’ political contributions are aligned with the interests of our company and our customers – contributions are extended to candidates who support sound policies that are intended to benefit animals and their caregivers. Contributions are made without regard for the private political preferences of company officers or executives.

Corporate Contributions

Consistent with U.S. federal law, Zoetis does not make political contributions to candidates for federal office. In states where corporate contributions are allowed, Zoetis policy permits contributions to state and local political candidates, committees, and parties in the U.S. that support public policies important to the animal health industry. Zoetis is disclosing one corporate contribution to PetsPAC made in July 2018. Before making this contribution, Zoetis sought the approval of counsel to ensure legal compliance and will continue to do so for any future contributions.

Zoetis does not typically make contributions to groups organized under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code. Should the company decide to make a contribution to one of these organizations in the future, it would subsequently be disclosed on the company website. Zoetis does not utilize the Zoetis Good Government Fund or corporate treasury funds for independent expenditures or ballot measures related to any federal or state election.

International Political Contribution Policy

Zoetis Policy and Procedure on Political Contributions in International Countries applies to contributions to political parties, candidates for public office, and election committees in countries outside the United States by Zoetis or any of its affiliates. Zoetis recognizes that the rules relating to political contributions differ from country to country, with some countries prohibiting contributions and other countries allowing contributions subject to limitations, restrictions or public disclosure requirements.

A Zoetis entity is permitted to make political contributions to political parties, candidates for public office or election committees in countries outside the United States where it is lawful to do so:

  • the political contributions are made to support the election of political parties or candidates who support public policies important to the animal health industry;
  • the political contributions are made in accordance with this policy and established local policy. When local law is more stringent than this policy, the local policy must comply with local law.